A day at the Nursery

The Nursery routine begins at the entrance where we meet and greet your child; each day has two specific_sessions for the Montessori curriculum. The times are as follows 8.00am – 1.00pm and 1:00- 6.00pm. 

It is essential that your child arrives at the beginning of the session rather than in the middle as this develops a secure routine for each little one. It can also become a little disruptive if children arrived half way through the session. 

Each day starts with a visit to the pegs for the children to hang their coats, then off to the book corner for calendar and circle time. This also includes a chat about the theme of the month and the fun we will embark on through the day. The children will also spend time sharing experiences and items brought in from home. 

Throughout your child’s busy and fun time within the nursery he/she is encouraged to choose from a variety of Montessori activities such as The knobbed cylinders from the sensorial shelves or pouring from the practical life shelves , numbers counting using the spindle boxes, or simply return to a "work' from the previous day.  Whilst all this is ongoing, the practitioners are carrying out various observations to record each child’s progress.

The observations are then used to help the practitioner select the appropriate footsteps for future planning. All observations will eventually be shown to yourselves at a parents evening, with a chance for you to comment as you wish.

By midmorning Outdoor play for all, usually follows snack time, children come outside to play, build structures in the sandbox, climb on the playframe and creating new imaginative games of their own. 

Our Outdoor area is designed to give a good deal of physical activity, role play, creativity and imaginative play. A lot of the classroom activities such as painting, circle time, stories and  construction are held outdoors.

Throughout the day Children are continuously grazing at the snack table of mainly fruits , vegetables and water.

At 1:00pm Morning only children go home and afternoon children arrive. Afterwards Day children go upstairs to have a nap if they wish, whilst afternoon children have a program designed to build on the Montessori skills they are learning such as sandpaper letters.

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