A Warm Welcome to Unique Child Montessori Nursery

providing a unique foundation for the early years

Our Nursery occupies a Beautiful Detached house, former old school house in a residential area located between Northolt, South Harrow and Greenford.

At Unique Child Montessori your children will be guided in their development of becoming thinking, caring and responsible members of the society.

We believe that with gentle, sympathetic teaching all children can learn and absorb knowledge at their own pace.

Unique Child Montessori Nursery has a strong philosophy which puts the child's unique and Individual talents at the heart of all we do.

Unique Child Montessori caters for children 6 months and older in a nurturing and multicultural environment.

Our Aims

Is To Provide A Unique & Memorable all round Experience.

We hope to promote the child's ability to... Think, reflect and share ideas with others.


Seek out and respond to learning opportunities at their own pace.


Develop self esteem and tolerance of others.


Express themselves through art, craft, music, drama and movement.


Acquire knowledge, skills and understanding for use at home and later at school.


Have fun and enjoy learning.


Provide a happy, safe and stimulating environment for our children and staff alike.

To know more about our Nursery and the services we provide, contact us on 0208 423 7300 or email us at admin@uniquechild.co.uk. 

We look forward to welcoming you.

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